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how to skateboard


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Basic Tricks
More Basic Tricks
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Basic Tricks

Skate Boarding is rock when you start to learn to Ollie. But if you have the determination,Then you will learn tricks faster. but when you get your board just try to go down a prety steep hill, to get used to the setup and the boards reactions.

put both feet on the kicks whilst going forward pretty fast. Then lean back slightly so that the front lifts up, but the tail can't touch the ground.
Nose mans
do the same as before but lean forward so that the tail lifts up.

Approach the edge of a curb fast, and manual off the end. Get the tail to just hit the curb as you go off it.

To switch go on flat land. you will have to be going fast for this. Make sure that both feet are on the kicks, and simply push the back round as hard as you can now you should be ridding Fakie.